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Zuni Eagle Family Fetish Turquoise w/ Turquoise Eyes Native American Signed - Derrick Kaamasee

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Derrick Kaamassee is a master Zuni fetish carver and his birds and eagles are his forte. The detail is amazing as each little feather is carved. This is an unusual grouping of a family of eagles.
Eagles are one of the 6 most powerful guardian fetishes.  They are the guardians of the sky and a direct connection to the Creator. Eagles carry the power of intuition and creativity and offer balance as they are both healers and hunters.  Signed on the bottom DK (Derrick Kaamasee, Zuni)

I will include a bag of blue cornmeal to honor and nourish your fetishes

The dad eagles stands about 1 3/8"  from the table and the mom stands about 1 1/16" tall

Care Instructions

Protect your jewelry from harsh chemicals and solvents as they can damage turquoise and other stones.  I recommend using a Sunshine Cloth or similar to polish your silver.  Do not immerse or subject your jewelry to running water as it can dislodge the stone from the setting.

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