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Zuni Wolf Fetish w/ Turquoise Heart Life Line Native American Signed - Abby Quam / Clayton Panteah

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This wolf is carved from a piece of sugilite. It's a very dark purple; almost black in some areas. His turquoise eyes and heart line are vivid against the dark background. Wolves remind us that we are part of a greater good and represent loyalty and family. They are also good teachers and represent the ability to share knowledge. This fetish was carved by Abby (Quam) and Clayton Panteah (Zuni)

About 1 7/8" x 1/2" and stands about 5/8" from the table to the tip of his nose.

Care Instructions

Protect your jewelry from harsh chemicals and solvents as they can damage turquoise and other stones.  I recommend using a Sunshine Cloth or similar to polish your silver.  Do not immerse or subject your jewelry to running water as it can dislodge the stone from the setting.

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