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Turquoise and Mixed Media Art-to-Wear Necklace - Staci Louise Originals

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Staci Louise Smith is considers herself an intuitive jewelry designer. She is truly an inspired artist as well as a teacher and healer. This necklace embodies her creativity and inspirational message: "be strongly rooted" with a beautiful tree on the other side. I love the color combination and the mixed media she uses, but my favorite part is the wire top of the pendant that doubles as the clasp. It's a beautiful design element that you pass a link of chain through which allows it to be worn at varying lengths. This is a one-of-a-kind, art-to-wear necklace.

Care Instructions

Protect your jewelry from harsh chemicals and solvents as they can damage turquoise and other stones.  I recommend using a Sunshine Cloth or similar to polish your silver.  Do not immerse or subject your jewelry to running water as it can dislodge the stone from the setting.

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