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Heavy Handmade Navajo Pearls Native American Beads Sterling Silver Necklace - Vintage

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This is one of my favorite shapes of beads. And this strand is really special with addition of the stamp work on each bead. These beads are hand made. First the shape is cut out and then stamped. Then they are shaped into the cone. Each half has to be soldered together individually. It's a very labor intensive process. This necklace is a great length to wear on it's own or layer it with longer pieces. These are heavy, high quality beads.

18 1/2" end to end.
Weight: 85 grams on my postal scale

Care Instructions

Protect your jewelry from harsh chemicals and solvents as they can damage turquoise and other stones.  I recommend using a Sunshine Cloth or similar to polish your silver.  Do not immerse or subject your jewelry to running water as it can dislodge the stone from the setting.

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